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The Grounds

Surrounded by Nature

Local plants and a wild approach to landscaping combine for a sense of enveloping greenery throughout the property. From the moment you enter our lush drive, the sounds of the birds and rustling leaves will set the stage for your stay. Wander through the kitchen garden or take an evening stroll to discover sculptures and peaceful spots tucked around the campus.

An Eco Consciousness

A Commitment to Sustainability

Our mission is to create the most welcoming experience possible for our guests, while living in responsible harmony with our environment. Those initiatives include relying on geothermal power, reducing reliance on single-use plastics (keep an eye out for our water bottle refilling stations!), sourcing compostable and locally produced products, and applying green housekeeping practices to reduce water and energy usage.

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Holistic Luxury

Each detail of your stay has been thoughtfully considered to provide a wholly relaxing, indulgent experience. High-quality materials are evident everywhere, from the handmade furniture to luxurious linens and spa-like bathrooms. In-room coffee and tea options and a full room service menu provide everything you need to begin your day at your fingertips. Included in every stay is high-speed internet and 55-inch HDTVs, and wireless streaming to your device via Sonifi. Luxury toiletries are included in every room, along with plush robes and slippers. Dogs are also welcome guests at The Lake House!

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Life on the Lake

Picture this, it’s sunset, late in the day nearing night. You feel like these days could just melt all your cares away. The air is still warm, but a cool breeze blows off the lake, the fragrant blossoms and clear waters permeate the night with thoughts of how you will spend your next day, perhaps its sailing Canandaigua Lake-picnic lunch included.

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Curated Inspiration

A Commitment to Creativity

Artists are at the heart of the team behind The Lake House. Our artist-in-residence Fitzhugh Karol has designed furniture pieces in every room and has indoor and outdoor sculptures placed throughout the campus. Additionally, a curated selection of works by a select group of artists are placed throughout the property.

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