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Paella Workshop | NYK

Paella is a Spanish rice dish commonly flavored with saffron and various seafood. This special dish has its origins in Valencia, East coast of Spain, with a primitive recipe of green beans and rabbit. After realizing the versatility of the recipe, paella quickly gained fame and a spot in almost all homes across the country. Achieving nowadays, a worldwide favorite, and well-deserved reputation and appreciation. In this class our chef instructor will walk you through all the tips & tricks of making your own delicious paella! With your meal you will also be served a glass of Spanish wine! With a main base composed of : El arroz Bomba or round rice, a type of rice that absorbs 4 times more liquid. El Azafrán or Saffron, the red spice that gives that yellow particular color and an exquisite flavor. El Sofrito, unbeatable trio of onion, garlic, and spices with a tomato base. El Fondo, slowly cooked broth full of mouthwatering flavor.

Menu: Chorizo a La Sidra (Chroizo in a Cider Sauce) Paella with Clams, Chicken, Calamari, and Shrimp

Ticket Price – Entree Option One: $95 (Paella)

When: Sun, Apr 10 2022 5:00 pm – Sun, Apr 10 2022 7:00 pm

Location: Hands-On Kitchen at New York Kitchen


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