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Rose Tavern

A forward-thinking, locally sourced interpretation of a classic.

Opening October 2020

Rose Tavern is a distillation of our approach to hospitality—warm, elegant, deeply rooted in the land, and carefully planned down to the last detail. From the moment you enter, you’ll be enveloped in sophisticated surroundings that include a handcrafted marble bar and high ceilings. It’s an inviting backdrop to enjoy our carefully crafted breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus created by renowned chef Scott Riesenberger. Order a cocktail made with herbs from the on-site garden and a bite from the menu or settle into a cozy table for a chicken roasted in the wood-fired hearth. Using the freshest ingredients from local farmers, Rose Tavern is a special place worthy of marking birthdays or anniversaries, but not so formal you can’t join us for a comforting weekday meal among locals. Satisfying and vibrant, it’s the ultimate homage to the culinary roots of our family matriarch, while staying modern with natural wines, responsibly sourced, seasonal ingredients.